The Power Of The Brand Promise In Lead Generation : 5 Powerful Ideas

Why your brand promise is your biggest advantage in generating leads

Brand Promise


Here at Daily News Digital Solutions, we are champions of the brand promise. A brand’s promise is a lucid statement of value that can only be measured by a customer’s ultimate benefit and satisfaction. Consider Skittles’ brand promise: “Taste The Rainbow” as a phenomenal demonstration of its essence and underlying appeal. A brand’s promise takes a customer where nobody else can, and therefore, is the ultimate demand generation weapon a brand can have. Such a weapon cannot be bought–it is inspired. When activated, it can carry a brand to the pinnacle of their industry for decades to come.

Paying customers are the lifeblood of every business since only they can make the cash register ring. That’s why making use of your brand promise you can  achieve demand generation by leveraging your brand promise to facilitate the initial sale and capitalize on the lifetime value of delighted customers, while they brag to their friends about your brand.

5 Powerful Ideas for brand driven lead generation

Your brand promise helps you with lead generation in the following ways

  • It helps you attract and define your ideal target market

All brand promises are interpreted in response to a need. Customers and stakeholders who respond to the inherent value in your brand promise are attracted to your offer and become interested in learning more by clicking on your branded content. This initial engagement qualifies them as a lead with measurable intent, and you can begin to segment and target them based on the actions they take on your digital channels, as well as identifying characteristics such as demographics and psychographics. For more information on this, refer to our articles on social listening and buyer personas.

  • It helps you develop content for an inbound program

Your brand promise sets the context and the tone for your branded content and messaging. It’s the first domino that sets in motion thematic elements and narratives you can employ to connect with your audience so they can understand and share your values. A consistent and cohesive flow of valuable and useful information is a key step in developing goodwill and positioning your brand as a trusted advisor, if not a thought leader. A noteworthy example of the gravity of branded content can be seen in the commonly accepted notion of “Googling” something, which essentially grants Google a legal monopoly in the court of public opinion.

  1. It helps you reinforce your commitment to user experience (UX)

All too often, careless businesses see leads and customers as transactional commodities, rather than human-to-human connections. With your brand promise front-and-center, your business will have set a standard that not only guides every customer facing interaction but also defines a company culture that will elevate your employees, who can be your best advocates or your worst enemies. If your employees buy into your brand promise there is a good chance that energy and enthusiasm will be transferred to the delight of your customers. A thinker we admire, Brian Solis, explains that service is the new, new marketing.

  1. It helps you expand your reach and visibility

Your brand promise is a galvanizing force that can be picked up by several media outlets serving different markets. The potential for increased publicity comes as a direct result of your credibility and reputation for consistently delivering on your brand promise. As your customers spread the word about how your brand has impacted and transformed their lives, influencers such as bloggers, trade and lifestyle publications will consider featuring and promoting your brand to satisfy their readers. This opens the doors for joint-venture opportunities and partnerships that amplify your influence and increase your prestige.

  1. It differentiates you from your competitors

By far the most profound reason why you need a brand promise is because it at answers the most important question customers will ask in determining who will get their business: why should I buy from you, given all the alternatives available at the click of a mouse? An impressive brand promise not only addresses this question, it provides a simple and attractive resolution to a buyers biggest headache, which is often receiving a vote of confidence from the people they most want to impress. Business, like politics or even high school, can resemble a popularity contest.

By making sure that your brand promise is apparent in every aspect of your business dealings, you can guarantee that your values will resonate with qualified buyers on their journey to making valuable long-term investments. Brands and customers that share values enjoy a lifetime of mutually beneficial relational benefits.

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DNDS Team Member Anthony Tobar jointly developed this article. You can follow his digital insights on Twitter at @anthonybar15



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