The Hidden Power of GIFS – 6 Fun Facts

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Unlock The Hidden Power of GIFS in your marketing

We’re usually all about the leads here at Digital Solutions. Why on earth are we talking about GIFS? There are actually a few very good reasons to consider GIFS as part of your marketing strategy.  Here are 6 takeaways about the hidden power of GIFS.

GIFS are visual and grab attention.

As you can see from the gif above, your eyes are immediately drawn to the movement, shape and color of the GIF.

Your business should adopt a visual first strategy since mobile visual content is now king. GIFs are ideal for brand logos, bright attention getting catchphrases, and catchy copy.

GIFS represent your brand

A GIF can immediately burn your brand identity into the memory of everyone who sees it. These associations immediately cascade memories and a whole web of emotional appeals that will lead customers back to your brand. A GIF can encapsulate your entire brand identity!

GIFs and social media love each other

GIFs work especially well on most social media. They work on Facebook, most message boards, web pages and any platform that supports the GIF format. Slightly problematic is Instagram, but GIF-equivalent MOV files can be uploaded to Instagram as movies. Giphy is the source for GIFS if you use Snapchat.

GIFS are participatory

GIFS and their related animal memes will be mixed, matched and reworked once they are released into the wild. Some brand owners may feel intimidated by this – don’t be! Instead, as Conde Nast’s Valerie De La Rosa said at the recent Buzzsumo Content SEO 2017 conference, content creators should leave “space open in their content creation for customers and other brand stakeholders to participate.” This can lead to wildly hilarious and successful GIFs and memes that can boost your brand if done right and respectfully to your audience and your own brand values. Search Engine Journal gives some great examples.

GIFs drive leads

Many marketers think that GIFS are just cute meme carries or at best just good for branding. But a little known fact is that you can use GIFS in your Facebook ads. This being the case, a cool and attractive GIF can generate the type of interest that can lead a prospect to a landing page, or engage with a Facebook lead ad.

GIFS are easy to make.

Hubspot has a great tutorial on how to make animated gifs in Photoshop, and there are several other methods. It’s a great way to add fun to your branding and social media.

GIFS are something you should try

To summarize, GIFS are a great way to add a visual hook that draws a prospect deeper into your content, and to engage them more deeply with your brand.

Do you want to learn more about how to use various aspects of visual design to help your online marketing? Reach out to us.

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