Social Media Customer service: 5 Best Practices For Engagement

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5 Best Practices For Customer Service Using Social Media

Customer service engagement can be tricky. Back in the old days of PR and Marketing, we actually had time to get with our PR and marketing departments to craft responses to customer and stakeholder requests, as well as deal with issues and crises. Simply put, social media is the new customer service medium.

But now that social media has increasingly become another customer service channel, it’s critical that businesses standardize guidelines for their interactions. Often, it isn’t feasible for every single interaction on social media to be approved by a senior staff member. Therefore, social media customer service training is a must for smbs.

Lets face it, publicly addressing customer service requests related to business policy, offers and satisfaction could get complicated, and accidental mistakes will happen.

But don’t worry! We’ve the following tips to guide you in implementing social media policies to help you avoid common pitfalls. You will be glad you took the time in the long run.

Service Is Your Brand: 5 Winning Tips

  • Stay authentic. As an old PR salt at an agency told me, “Good PR is the truth well told.” Keep within the guidelines of your brand promise and what has been established as your organization’s best practices. Customers respond to authenticity and goodwill – the majority of customers want to do good business with you. Even if an issue can’t be resolved immediately, goodwill in resolving an issue can help engender patience in customers.
  • Have common answers available quickly. Provide links to your FAQ pages or quick summaries. This can save a customer a lot of time and turn a questionable situation into an opportunity to increase rapport and increase trust.
  • Patiently determine the facts of the situation. If an immediate answer to the question is not readily apparent, respond to the customer that the issue is being worked on and offer to take the issue to email or off of the social media platform.
  • Practice empathy and care at all times. Understand that on social media platforms, you are the voice of your organization. Immediately tending to an issue puts your company in the best light and promotes your business’ best values.
  • Have a set of escalation procedures in place. If a customer should start communicating in a rude or irrational way, have a set of procedures in place that dictate when comments should be disabled or deleted, and when management should get involved. This should be managed in conjunction with both the marketing and PR departments.


With a set of standards in place that combine the best in social media, customer service and PR best practices, you can win over difficult customers, increase follower loyalty and reinforce your values, while delivering on your brand promise.

We’re happy to help you with all of your questions on social media and customer service engagement. Contact us!


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