Show Them Who You Are! The DNDS Guide To Brand Identity


Fast Food Brands

Brand identity – The First Step To Conversions and Sales

In this age of mobile first, brand identity is becoming more and more important than ever. You only have a moment to capture a prospect’s attention when they scroll through their social media feed.


Brand identity is composed of:

  • Visual logos and markers
  • Brand phrases and expressions of the brand promise
    • This can represent variables things such as catch phrases (“That’s So Frosty”, currently used by Wendy’s Restaurants), hashtags, and so on
  • Other forms of content that represent the unique nature and feel of your brand – logos, characters, and so on. Examples are the iconic apple logo of Apple computer, fast food mascots, and so on.

An important thing to keep in mind about brand identity is this: Whatever unique iconography or other content that you produce, it needs to embody your brand promise. Your logos, mascots, advertising catchphrases must express the unique value that you offer to your customers and that you stand for. Your brand identity is what you express to the world, and sums up your value offer in a phrase or an image. A great example is that of our parent organization, the Daily News – “The Most New York You Can Get” and “New York’s Picture Newspaper”, both of which encapsulate the NY Daily News.

Daily News Digital Solutions

Brand Identity: 4 Essential Elements

As a small to medium sized business, you probably already have collateral that identifies your business. So, now is a great time for a brand identity review.

Good elements of brand identity are:

  • Logo – does your logo follow best practices for design, is it visually appealing and is it mobile friendly?
  • Catchphrase – Do you have a narrative catchphrase associated with your business? Geico’s “15 minutes or less and we’ll give you 15% off of your car insurance” is a great example.
    • Are your phrases and narrative collateral hashtaggable? A tool like Buzzsumo can tell you if someone else has claimed a particular hashtag.
  • Characters and mascots – These can make your brand instantly recognizable. Great examples are characters like Mister Met, Disney’s swath of characters, and so on.
  • Don’t forget colors – A distinctive color scheme has long been used by professional and college sports teams and even tech firms as unique brand identifiers. For example, Apple Computer has long been associated with steel brush design and negative space.

Options For the Lean Business – What Can I do?

For a lot of local and medium size businesses, resources are at a premium and work needs to be done in house by the marketing department. Tools such as Canva provide easy to use design tools and sites such as Fivrr and Upwork can connect a company with design creatives that can help you create a unique visual identity.

Obviously, small and medium size businesses can’t afford the premium services that are offered by a full blown brand design agency. Some alternatives for start ups and local businesses of more modest means are listed below. Here are links to blogs, platforms, and thought leaders that can help you do much of this work yourself.

Brandfolder is a site that acts as a clearing house for several other branding blogs. This is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs

BP&O Brand Identity Blog – The Agency BP&O has an awesome visual design blog that talks about the best in logos and visual design

Content Marketing Institute – One of our favorite resources, the CMI has lots of great articles and resources on branding for entrepreneurs.

Canva Design School – In addition to having a great platform, Canva has a great design blog. The education on this blog will enable you to have smart conversations with design professionals and get the most out of your creative and design efforts.

Make sure to also follow our blog and social media. We here at Daily News Digital Solutions will continue to share with you the best in ways that you enhance and extend your brand, serve your customers and make sales. Reach out to us with your questions about brand identity.

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