SEO Lead Generation: 6 Things to Consider

SEO Lead generation and you

Directly generating and qualifying leads is one of the toughest challenges that business owners face. While there’s also the brand promise and buyer personas to consider, the generation of qualified, actionable leads is one of the essential business tasks. Exposure, brand building and lead generation are all part of customer acquisition, and care must be paid towards the customer journey. SEO lead generation is a vital factor to consider for any digital plan.

Often, especially when dealing with paid media, there’s a misunderstanding that “brand building” is in opposition to “lead generation.” This is a misnomer – brand building is essential to lead generation. Without a full execution and realization of your brand promise, lead generation and customer acquisition will fail.

This means that some marketers don’t think of SEO along side of brand building. But consider: branding is essential in keyword strategy, both for brand and non-brand terms. Because of this brand tie, strong on page and off page SEO is vital for strong branding. Lead generation and customer acquisition is joined to the hip with SEO.

All roads lead to lead generation. This is both in terms of direct traffic to a landing page and in raising your company’s profile on Google. Here are six ideas to consider as you craft your customer journey and sales funnel.

Six SEO Lead Generation ideas

SEO Lead GenerationSocial media – While social media engagement may take work, it’s a proven winner. Many sales people swear by engaging with prospects on Twitter, and then following up with a warm touch on Linkedin. Organic engagement on social media platforms grants these benefits –

  • Direct engagement with prospective buyers to help them along in their customer journey. Remember, service is the brand. A great experience on social media with a live person can win brand loyalty that no amount of paid media can replicate. Witness the success of Jet Blue and similar companies.
  • Use of link shortener tools such as to track content through social channels can help you segment your channels and buyer personas. Tools like these can help give you direct attribution metrics for engagement for your SEO lead generation plan.
  • All content, even user generated content, is crawled by the Search Engines. This includes all social media platforms.


Online PR and Influencer marketing

  • Influencer marketing is great for lead generation for two reasons:
    • The influencer’s audience can become a new audience for you, and thus a new potential pool of leads
    • Influencer marketing has all the usual positive effects for your social media, SEO and traffic.
    • One issue to watch out for is actual lead engagement and harvesting. Make sure that your influencer partner knows that if members of their audience engage with you through your lead funnel, that you will engage with them. Usually, reciprocal agreements in regards to lead sharing will deal with these issues. Just make sure to disclose this to any influencer partners, especially if they also engage in extensive lead generation.

Content – Obviously, content and downloadables of various kinds are prime methods of getting leads into your funnel, using standard inbound techniques. SEO must always be kept in mind when developing content (keywords, personas and so on) when conducting SEO lead generation. Content of different formats helps hugely, especially mobile relevant content, such as video.

Link Building – When conducting a lead generation oriented link building strategy, reach out to sites where the users and owner have a relevant interest to your content. Buyer personas here are invaluable.  Tools such as Buzzsumo and Google Trends are essential.

Blogging – Essential for lead generation strategies, the trifecta of blogging, email and downloadable content is essential for lead generation. Of special note are the several WordPress plugins for visitor tracking which will cookie your visitors. This is an essential feature of most inbound marketing platforms. Ideally, you want to match up a visitor cookie with any harvested Email addresses, and use the functionality of whatever your preferred platform is to track site exploration and articles read by your visitors. When you’re ready to talk with your leads, this can guide your conversation so as to better serve your prospects.

Local Listings – An often overlooked aspect of SEO and lead generation, completely filling out profiles for your business on Google Business, Yelp and Foursquare are musts. Make sure that your Google Maps listing is accurate.

Good SEO is essential for generating leads

By setting up goals in Google Analytics, you can directly measure conversions and traffic sources. In this SEOs humble opinion, Google Analytics is a lead generation specialist’s best friend.

A note about CRMs and SEO best practice – don’t forget SEO basics, such as alt tagging images, optimizing for keywords and other tasks. Also, while visitor tracking and workflows are often associated with the larger inbound marketing platforms, skilled use of Google Analytics and free tools like can take up much of the slack.

In summary – search engines like Google are the road that your leads take to get to you. Make that road as easy as possible to walk.

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