Pinterested?…You Should Be!

Pinterest for BusinessWhen Pinterest launched back in 2010 as a social media platform it was designed to be a visual book marking tool for pinners – users like you and me – to discover and save creative ideas, either to share them or to even learn something new.

If you have never touched Pinterest, it might sound a bit “too good to be true” but the reality of the platform is that it really is very simple to use and is a lot of fun.  Users have the ability to pin anything found on the internet into a group of boards that can be categorized in so many different ways.  I am an active pinner.  Pinterest has given me a way to express myself and to explore the world beyond my own “boards”.  I have boards that relate to my love for sports, fashion, recipes, and my favorite… quotes!  Most importantly though, Pinterest gives me the opportunity to explore the boards of other users and even brands…that’s where your business comes in.

What most don’t realize is that Pinterest has grown into a really valuable tool for businesses.  With a base of over a 150 million active users, that is an awful lot of potential customers.  But unless you are active on Pinterest or, as a business owner, even have the time to explore Pinterest, you may not fully understand the value of this social platform.  Recently Pinterest kicked it up a notch with their new business capabilities, some of which include driving traffic to your website, boosting engagement and  actually being able to sell on Pinterest.  These are really great features for businesses.  Your brand is now easily accessible to a broader audience.  Your business is now able to reach consumers where they are exploring, shopping and sharing –  on Pinterest!

Advertising on Pinterest can drive additional traffic to your business, your website, increase engagement, and raise awareness of your brand.

Want to get started on Pinterest?  Not sure where to begin?

The first most important thing is to understand the language of Pinterest.

  • Pinner is the actual user of Pinterest.
  • Board is just like a bulletin board, where you might pin your photos, notes, greeting cards, etc, a Pinterest Board is where all your pins live within Pinterest. You can create unlimited boards and they may be based on interests or categories, or basically anything you want.
  • Pin is a visual bookmark.  It would be the equivelant of the photos, the notes, greeting cards, etc, that you would be pinning to your bullentin board.
  • Promoted Pin is a pin, also known as a native pin or organic pin,  that is “sponsored” or paid for and enables it to be seen by more users.
  • Buyable Pin is a pin that enables Pinterest users to buy your products directly from your Pinterest board instead of having to fall in love with your product on Pinterest and then look for it on your website in order to buy it.

Now that you have the basics of Pinterest…You need to get started with it so you can extend the reach of your brand and grow your business.

Happy Pinning!

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