Instagram and Sales – 7 Ideas You Never Considered

Instagram – An undiscovered platform for sales and customer acquisition


Many business owners consider Instagram a tool for brand building and social engagement. Indeed, in its role as the main competitor to Snapchat, Instagram has a reputation of being light, fun and stunningly visual. Instagram sales is something usually not considered by sales teams.

Some business owners who are looking for new avenues to acquire customers might scoff at the idea of using Instagram. “Oh, come on. That’s just something my kids use to follow music stars and show off what they had for lunch.” However, Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms for lead generation and customer acquisition. According to a recent infographic at Buffer social, 78% of consumers make purchases based on a brand’s social media account, 70% have already looked up the brand on Instagram, 67% of consumers say detailed images strongly influence their purchasing decisions, and 37% of Instagram users follow 1 to 5 brand accounts. These are compelling numbers.

Instagram can be an excellent way to generate leads and drive sales growth. We at Daily News Digital Solutions work with Instagram every day for our clients. Here are 7 things that we’ve found:

7 Ideas For Sales On Instagram


Instagram is an engagement based platform

If your business relies on direct sales and pitches, Instagram is perfect for direct engagement. Engaging visuals and beautiful creatives open the door for you to start conversations with customers, and if your brand has a dedicated social team that can work with sales to pass opportunities, you can see amazing opportunities for success. Instagram is rapidly evolving into a platform for business professionals and sales. Sales teams that ignore Instagram do so at their own peril.

Instagram’s visual format is easy for calls to action and other lead generation features

Designed for the mobile user, Instagram is perfect for the customer journey funnel. The Instagram user experience for e-commerce is also perfect to download eBooks, direct users to CTAs and get them to engage and carry out a call to action.

Instagram has all the great targeting features of Facebook

Instagram ad campaigns are built in the Facebook platform, so you get all the great Facebook targeting and ad features. Most of the Facebook ad types are available for Instagram ads. This is perfect for customer acquisition efforts aimed down to very precise demos, geos and market verticals.

Instagram is a visual, mobile based platform

Instagram’s strict emphasis on mobile makes it ideal for videos and stunning creatives. This enables you to visually represent your business and differentiate yourself directly to customers, which strongly establishes your brand. Other platforms may enable you to do this, but Instagram is designed to do this.

Instagram is perfect for brands

With its emphasis on creative brand presentation, stories and hashtags, Instagram is ideal for today’s brand-driven businesses. They can directly engage customers and make a case for their brands, while leveraging their unique value.

Instagram ties into CRMs with no difficulty

Instagram ties into CRMs such as Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics and other platforms via Zapier. If you use an end-to-end customer relationship solution, Instagram engagement data with individual customers can be easily tracked.

Instagram CPC is competitive with Google Adwords

Instagram CPCs, which are tied to those of Facebook’s, are competitive with Google Adword CPCs. This Moz article provides an in-depth examination. We urge you to explore and test this issue for yourself, but Instagram and it’s amazing targeting capabilities enable incredibly fine serving of ads to various demos.

Use Instagram For Sales Success

If your team has been given a budget for Adwords spend, you may want to look at Instagram instead, especially if your media is primarily visual. An article by Brandshark goes into a detailed analysis of Adwords vs Facebook, and includes Instagram in their analysis. Most Instagram CPCs are in the $1 to $3 dollar range. If your team incorporates Facebook as part of its strategy, including the use Instagram is a no-brainer. It’s certainly worth testing based on your buyer personas and vertical.

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