Instagram 4 Secrets Your Competitor Doesn’t Know

4 Secrets Instagram

Instagram: 4 Secrets Revealed!

Many business leaders write off Instagram as a light, frothy ad platform that’s really only good for branding and selfies. This can’t be further from the truth. As we went into in our previous article, Instagram can be a fantastic tool for generating sales and acquiring customers. In this article, we talk about the hidden strengths of Instagram, and things about the platform that your competitor may be bypassing but that you, smart business person that you are, won’t. So, lets us present 4 Instagram Secrets that your competitor doesn’t know!

4 Hidden Secrets About Instagram Your Competitor Doesn’t Know



Instagram is a means to bypass ad blocking

Pagefair recently published a report about adblocking that shows an exponential rise in exposure loss due the to use of adblockers. Instagram neatly bypasses adblockers by directly driving traffic past ad blocker extensions found in browsers into calls to action and landing pages. Instagram acts as a kind of alternate browser. By giving users a more curated experience, Instragram is simultaneously more inbound and relevant (by means of hashtags and likes). It is also more controlled (by being a simpler, less customizable platform than a browser), which results in a better experience.



Instagram is the leading platform for influencer marketing

Influencers like Huda Kattan, Ingrid Nilsen, Zack King, Nash Grier and Joanna Gaines are all examples of influencers who have all created organic audiences and are now courted by major US brands for help in promoting their products. That doesn’t mean that you, as a smaller business, are locked out – you can make strategic alliances with influencers who dominate niches that can talk directly to your product and service. By either creating strategic alliances with players in your niche – or, even better, creating content and becoming an influencer yourself – you can create a loyal following that loves your products and evangelizes your brand to others.


Instagram is the leading platform for Niche Marketing

Instragram combines the best aspects of Twitter and Youtube, by embracing hashtags and becoming home to video and visual content. This has created a rich environment for mobile video that can’t be beaten. Through the use of tools like Buzzsumo, a marketer can track down wealthy niches and then create content that can pull prospects into the top of the funnel for both brand awareness and lead generation.

Instagram is the leading platform for video and visual content marketing. While Snapchat still leads with the youth demographic, Instagram still leads in overall findability and accessibility of content with its “Explore” tab.


Instagram is a great tool for lead generation, customer acquisition, and calls to action

While Snapchat recently introduced a lead ad style ad unit, Instagram has had this specific functionality longer and has access to the full range of Facebook platform tools to make them successful. Specifically, Instragram advertising uses the Facebook advertising platform, which means you don’t have to retrain your team and can import successful ad campaigns with only slight modifications.

Thus, Instagram has a wealth of options that aren’t readily apparent, and that you and your team should explore.

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