Google My Business – 3 Reasons Why You Need It

Google Business – 3 Reasons Why You Need It for Your Small Business Marketing

Google My Business

Reputation management is a big deal, especially in such a big area as New York City. According to Adweek, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying.  Since this is the case, being found on the search engines and managing your online reputation is a top priority. You need your business to be easily findable, in all senses of the word.  The first step is building out your Google My Business profile.

Getting a Google My Business profile and is as easy as getting a Gmail address.  We recommend creating a separate Gmail address for your business so as to not have it be conjoined with your personal Gmail.

Google has tutorials that make setting up a listing easy. What we’ll do below is share why Google My Business is essential to your efforts.

3 ways That Google My Business Can Help Your Business:


  • Google business helps customers find you

Having a fully filled out Google My Business profile updates the information that will appear on your business’ listing, which appears on both Google search and Google Maps. The second is as important as the first, as mobile users will often be looking for your business’ physical location. In this age of local and mobile marketing, having a fully filled out profile will bring about more useful Google Maps results. This helps shoppers find your business for both brick and mortar and online shopping. This is essential if your business is regional in nature.

  • Google small business helps your SEO

Information from your Google My Business listing feeds directly into the knowledge graph entry on the right rail. This provides users with relevant information concerning your business in the Knowledge Graph box, and fully filled out Knowledge Graph information is known to help boost SEO.

Google My Business is also an essential part of reputation management strategy. Local reviews have a large impact on SEO. While we at DNDS feel that optimization on all review platforms are essential, Google My Business reviews are primary for businesses that make use of Google Adwords as a primary means of advertising. A Google My Business listing is good SEO, and good SEO increases quality score which decreases the CPCs of Ad Words.

  • Google Small business helps customer service

Google Reviews serve a huge purpose – they let you know what your customers think. Google Reviews are directly accessible from the Google Maps and Knowledge Graph interfaces.  From Google My Business, you can receive alerts that will enable you to immediately respond to customer issues. Customer engagement and response has been shown to be one of the leading drivers for SEO. Google My Business includes functionality that enables you to verify business ownership, leave links that enable users to review your business, enable you to reply to reviews so as to clear up problems or respond to praise, and otherwise engage with your customers. Enhancing customer support drives good SEO, which in turns reduces CPC costs for your AdWords by improving quality score, forming a trifecta.

We can help you learn more about Google My Business, reputation management and local SEO. Contact us.

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