Facebook Marketing : 5 Ways to Target Your Local Audience

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Facebook Marketing and challenges in finding your audience

When most people think of Facebook, they think of a social media platform that is for reaching out to relatives, getting news, sharing memes, or otherwise interacting with friends and loved ones online. Facebook is also seen by many as the sole preserve of large brands who mount multimillion dollar brand campaigns that reach tens of thousands of readers with huge budgets. Certainly, Facebook marketing is not something that a small, local business can take advantage of, right?


Facebook marketing has a lot to offer a small business owner. The huge amount of eyeballs that Facebook hosts has already been touted, as well as some of its issues. Indeed, the days of building a Facebook audience based on pure organic engagement are long gone. However, for an engaged small business owner, Facebook offers terrific options, especially if you’re looking to get feet through the door.

We’ll assume that you already know the basics of establishing your own Facebook business page and the how Facebook Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads work.

Target your audience to best effect

You can geographically target your Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts based on:


  • Facebook users who are within 10 miles of a Zip Code you designate
  • Facebook users who you retarget as part of a custom audience. This is an excellent option if you have a well-developed inbound email list of people who have already opted in to your messaging. You can create specific ads that target users in your segmented email list.
  • Facebook users who you retarget based on who visits your website by way of a Facebook pixel that you install on your website. You can use Google Analytics to tell where this traffic originates from and get insights on what pages they visit.
  • Facebook users you designate in specific countries, regions, or addresses that you provide when creating you post or ad
  • You can even drop a pin on a map to designate to Facebook where to target your ads within a given radius.


A great example of this is if you own a local retail store. Depending on you marketing needs or what kinds of specials you are running, you can have Facebook target within 5 miles of your auto shop’s address, and further refine your ad or boosted post based on income, age and product.

One more note – when creating a Facebook ad, you can designate that your ad also be duplicated as an Instagram post. This will retain all of your targeting, but this will also  ensure that your ad reaches your Instagram audience as well. This is especially important since Instagram has such a huge reach on mobile. However, at this time, this option is only available for Website Click Ads.

So, for the small business owner who wants to reach people with offers, specials, and information about their business, Facebook offers some amazing options to target a local audience with laser accuracy.

Here are some examples:

caffe_palermo fabric_save-a-thon harlem_furniture

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