Content Creation – 6 Tips on how to make time for content creation

Content creation is a value add for your business

Content Marketing

In my experiences as a social media and digital account manager, I hear the constant refrain from business owners, “I don’t have time to create content.” We know that your time is at a premium. Here are some helpful ideas to get a handle on content creation.

Content marketing has never been “optional”. Content is at the heart of all advertising. With the rise of the World Wide Web and social media advertising, outbound methods of communicating are more expensive and less effective than they were. Prospects and customers now demand access, explanation, and communication, and for that, content is needed.

For our purposes, we’ll talk about three broad forms of organic online content that you are likely to use – social media content, email and blogging.

In a recent article at the Content Marketing Institute, Scott Severson argues eloquently for the value of content marketing – content breaks even on its expense in 9 months and sees a 200% or more ROI over 36 months when valued against equivalent organic Google traffic. If paid media can be thought of as putting your money to work immediately, content marketing can be thought of as laying the groundwork for your future growth. We also make our case, especially in regards to lead generation. On an ROI basis, content marketing is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

So, here are a few techniques to help you plan for and manage time spent creating content –

  • Plan, plan, plan. Create a blog, email and social media posting schedule going out over the current quarter and the next one. In addition to supporting holidays, sales initiatives, and other special events, timed release of organic content can create social proof that supports paid media campaigns. The more time you take to plan, the more time you will save. Don’t be afraid to adjust your plan, however.
  • Keep an inspiration file. Often, the hardest part of content creation can be creating new content in a way that you haven’t done before. The brilliant work of other marketers and designers can help you create your own work. But keep it original! Google does not look kindly on those who steal the work of others.
  • Outlines are your friend. As part of my process, I usually write an intro, bullet out 5 or so points and then save the outline for later. Outlines are the skeleton of your work.
  • Set aside time. Coming up with content ideas and working with your staff (or yourself) can be hard, especially when we’re running your business. Set aside a short consistent period to write and schedule social media posts, compose e-mails to your inbound list, do research, create visual content or compose articles. Tasks can be set up in all manner of scheduling software, such as Outlook. If you use a WordPress website, plug ins such as CoSchedule are invaluable.
  • Use your own talent. Many businesses are caught in the space of having teams yet not being able to afford a dedicated content team member. Spreading and delegating content duties between qualified staff members will help immensely. You especially want to have team members blog and create content whenever you can. No one knows your business better than you and the members of your team.
  • Consider professional help. A content professional can help you create a plan based on your brand, needs and budget, engaging on a level that makes sense for your organization.

Content of all types – e-mail, social media posting, creation of visual collateral such as infographics, blogs and ebooks all have huge brand and long term SEO value. Investing a portion of your time in content creation is a win for your organization in the long term. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about content creation and use.

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