Blogging – Your Road To Lead Generation

Blogging Lead Generation

How blogging can help you develop leads and new business

In working with business owners in and around New York City, we at Daily News Digital Solutions often find it challenging to convey the value of content marketing. However, blogging on a regular schedule is a great way to establish your business as the leader in it’s vertical and locale. The role of blogging in lead generation is often overlooked.

There’s a lot of debate on how often you should blog. You can blog daily, or you can blog bi-weekly. We recommend that no matter what frequency you publish blog posts, that you blog regularly. Blog expert Denise Wakeman talks about the virtues of publishing on a regular schedule. This enables readers and followers to count on your content appearing at an expected time, which builds brand loyalty and is good SEO. Blogging should be based on a schedule based on your time and resources. As a lead generation tool, blogging can be a hugely useful tool in prospecting.


  • Blogging builds your brand identity for lead generation

On the Daily News Digital blog, we’ve written a lot about the brand promise and digital marketing brand identity in regards to lead generation. Blogging lets you share your views and values with your stakeholders and make your stand. By using your brand promise as your guide for content, you can build out a blog schedule that clearly lays out the value offer of your business. Blogging lets you detail how you will answer the pain point that your business is designed to address. Hubspot on their blog discusses this at length.

  • Blogging is good for SEO

Simply put, Google and other search engines are desperate for content, and the spiders at Google love to crawl relevant content. Sites that have rich, relevant content are delicious to web crawling spiders, and sites with well-trafficked blogs rank higher than those that do not. This is largely regarded as essential for good SEO marketing, as discussed at Search Engine Watch.

  • Blogging demonstrates helpfulness and expertise

An ironclad rule of inbound marketing and content development is “90% relevant and useful, 10% promotional.” We’ve been trained by 50 years of interruptive advertising to tune out advertising that is annoying, boring, and not relevant. Writing blog content that demonstrates helpfulness and relevance will capture interest and pull the prospect into the consideration state of the awareness->interest->consideration->decision funnel of the buyer’s journey. We want to speed our readers along that funnel, by creating relevant content that answers their needs and problems. For lead generation, this can’t be beaten.

  • Blogging qualifies leads

Google Analytics will show you where your traffic is originating, and the use of various plugins and marketing automation platforms will show you what other pages a lead visits before downloading an e-book or filling out a consultation form. By knowing what blog articles and other content a lead has read and has liked, a sales team member will be more informed as to what the customer needs and is interested in, and this can lead to better conversations.

  • Blogging helps your other digital marketing efforts

Blogging is the launch pad for all of your other content. You may think that blogging is just text content, but blogs that contain great visual creative, video and other forms of content perform incredibly well. This, in turn, provides fuel for your other digital marketing channels, including social media and e-mail marketing. The inbound marketing cycle of sharing a blog article through social media that promotes a downloadable on a landing page is perhaps one of the best-known methods. This can then be used to build qualified, opt-in lists for use in custom audiences for Google Adwords and Facebook. This is just one example of how blogging is an important leg in an integrated marketing strategy.

  • Blogging builds customer loyalty

If your blog content is high quality and relevant, your regular readers will look to you as a source of expertise and trust. These readers and fans will spread your blog, exposing your brand and spreading your brand message, as well as driving traffic to your website and landing pages. Further, blogging is an important service channel for existing customers, as a blog can be used for important announcements, product updates, how to’s, and other issues that are of vital interest to customers.

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