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People Are Shopping….Locally!

Move over Black Friday! Log off Cyber Monday!  People are shopping and they are doing it locally.  Enter, Small Business Saturday.  Shoppers are encouraged to give big-box retailers and e-commerce sites a break and patronize small businesses.   It’s no coincidence that it falls between Black Friday and […]

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Pinterested?…You Should Be!

When Pinterest launched back in 2010 as a social media platform it was designed to be a visual book marking tool for pinners – users like you and me – to discover and save creative ideas, either to share them or to even learn something new. If […]

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Beware The Copyright Grue and Google Deindexing!

Copyright takedown trouble: a growing problem You may think that the content that you use for your website is safe. “Hey, I use original content. I have great creative, we play fair and safe, we own all of our own work. No one will bother us!” Not […]

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Social Listening and Buyer Personas: What They Mean For Your Content

Everyone these days is talking about social listening. In fact, it’s kind of old news.Our friends over at Salesforce are talking about emerging models of social listening, while brands complain that Facebook is limiting their organic reach. It’s a very confusing world out there when your trying […]

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#GetFoundNYC With The Right Branding

The New York Daily News used to be known as “New York’s Picture Newspaper” because of its emphasis on photographs, a vision that continues until this day.  As such, a camera has been and continues to be part of the newspaper’s logo and branding since the 1920’s, […]

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