Snapchat Marketing- 6 Things You Need To Know

Snapchat 6 Things


The things you need to know about Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is the social media platform to beat. Several times, Facebook has attempted to buy out the upstart social media platform. Known for its emphasis on the tween to 20s demographic, Snapchat seems to be a social media platform specifically designed for young people. According to the Brandmuscle blog, only 5% of marketers have warmed up to the platform so far. This represents a huge opportunity for savvy marketers. Snapchat marketing is an essential tool you need in your arsenal.

Snapchat is currently a ghost town (ghost town – that was a joke) as far as marketing competition goes. With its youth oriented demographic, this can be a bonanza for brands.

It behooves brands and teams to immediately get familiar with the Snapchat platform, because if they don’t, the competition will. For example, major brands such as Pepsi are mounting major campaigns through the platform.  Hot influencers such as Miami’s DJ Khaled, growth influencer Grant Cardone and Chocolate Johnny have enabled unknown brands to immediately shoot into the stratosphere and solidify their presence. Facebook regards Snapchat as enough of a threat that it has attempted to buy out the platform twice, and has cloned several of its features, with varying degrees of success. If Snapchat and its presence have Mark Zuckerberg scared, then it’s a platform definitely worth looking into.

Snapchat Takeaways You Can Use

As a marketer, however, you’re probably not interested in theoreticals. Here are 6 takeaways that you need to think about in regards to Snapchat –

  • Snapchat is the hottest youth oriented social media platform. According to, 41% of under 35 spend time on Snapchat.  If you’re a marketer, think about that.
  • Snapchat isn’t just for big media and stars. Snapchat has a great feature called Geofilters. Geofilters are graphical overlays where users can swipe to use within a specific geographical location. This is less intrusive than most interruptive advertising, is participatory, and offers great ROI for brand awareness at around $5 per 20,000 feet per hour. 60% of Snapchat Geofilters are purchased by small business, and it seems to be an ideal small to medium business product.
  • Features such as ‘Stories’, ‘Memories’ and ‘Ghostcodes’ are great ways to capture brand personality and demonstrate the brand promise. Stories are a way to actually create a live event that a business can use and are excellent for event driven marketing. Performances, trade shows, demonstrations, and talks are all excellent uses of the Stories feature. During the event, offers and coupons can be delivered and traffic can be driven to websites or to other platforms where conversions can be created. The mind boggles at the creative potential in the Stories feature. Ghostcodes can be seeded virally to distribute exclusive offers to community members, and the Memories feature can be used to permanently document it all for long tail value. There is even a Ghostcodes 3rd party app.

Snapchat lets your creativity shine through

Snapchat lets personality shine, as my sister and brother-in-law demonstrate, looking their best:Renny Snapchat

  • Snapchat is an excellent venue for engagement. Because of the ephemeral nature of Snapchat, engagement is intense and personal. This can create intense brand loyalty and be used to create fierce brand advocates, especially during live events. A recent Sproutsocial article describes this in detail, and this can certainly be used while promoting brands and new products during events.
  • Snapchat is where your competitors aren’t. Because of its loose and quirky nature, Marketers are still warming up to Snapchat, but the field is still relatively untapped for many verticals While it’s still seen by many as largely a brand building tool, there are huge opportunities for businesses who are bold enough to experiment with Instagram.
  • Snapchat is awesomely creative and is one of the few apps that is truly visually mobile native. Bloomberg discusses how agency Tastemade has in their foyer a screen that displays videos in the Snapchat vertical format – one that matches phones – and has their own studio that creates content specifically designed for that format when making their famous cookie videos.

Snapchat’s interface is designed for the mobile native, as demonstrated below:

Our cameras displayed here were taken at our 4 New York Plaza location.IMG_3279-min

Summing it up – Snapchat is in its way to becoming one of the dominant social media platforms, and represents great opportunity to businesses who can use it to promote their brand and engage with their customers. (Instagram features)

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