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Social Media Customer service: 5 Best Practices For Engagement

5 Best Practices For Customer Service Using Social Media Customer service engagement can be tricky. Back in the old days of PR and Marketing, we actually had time to get with our PR and marketing departments to craft responses to customer and stakeholder requests, as well as deal with […]

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Twitter Small Business – 6 Ideas That Work

  Twitter Small Business-6 ideas that work Small business owners often find themselves bewildered by the host of social media platforms that are available. How do all of these work? What does everyone using a phone mean for my business? Can I get access to new customers? […]

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Snapchat Marketing- 6 Things You Need To Know

  The things you need to know about Snapchat Marketing Snapchat is the social media platform to beat. Several times, Facebook has attempted to buy out the upstart social media platform. Known for its emphasis on the tween to 20s demographic, Snapchat seems to be a social […]

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Facebook Marketing : 5 Ways to Target Your Local Audience

Facebook Marketing and challenges in finding your audience When most people think of Facebook, they think of a social media platform that is for reaching out to relatives, getting news, sharing memes, or otherwise interacting with friends and loved ones online. Facebook is also seen by many […]

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